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"I’m a teen and what I love about WiseWear is that I am able to give my parents more peace of mind when I am not with them. I feel safe wearing WiseWear because they are only a tap away since I have them both in my emergency contacts. I also love the activity tracking feature. Wearing WiseWear helps me be healthy and track my activity. The best part- everyone at school thinks it’s cool bracelet!" 

- Sofia Zapatero
"I love WiseWear because it allows me to be in the moment no matter where I am knowing that I will receive a buzz notification to my wrist if it is a priority call or text. Additionally, I feel very safe when wearing WiseWear knowing that if I am in danger, I have this inconspicuous lifeline to my emergency contacts-this is true peace of mind knowing  that this bracelet can  drastically improve my chances of surviving a distressed situation. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that I feel grateful and love to wear daily. I recommend this bracelet to everyone I know."

- Jessica Zapatero


 "I love my WiseWear bracelets. I am an attorney and I wear my Calder to the office and Court. If I am not working I am walking/jogging at least 3 miles a day. The Kingston is perfect for my walks. The bracelets have style, but most important they keep me safe when I am jogging alone or walking in parking garages. The best part about the bracelets is they are a beautiful piece of jewelry and the features {safety; step counting;distress messaging} are concealed. Thanks Wisewear!"

- Karen Cameratta


"This stylish wearable does more than track your activity and look oh so pretty. WiseWear’s Socialite Collection can also send a distress message to your friends and family if you’re ever in a dangerous situation."

"This is basically your phone in the form of a chic bracelet."

"WiseWear jewelry looks more like a fashion statement than a health and fitness tracker. With gentle vibrations, the jewelry tracks your activity and alerts you to mobile notifications--all without sacrificing style."

"In addition to putting an emphasis on improving safety for vulnerable people, the devices also strive to be fashionable."

"WiseWear is the latest example of high tech that’s also high style."

"The chic tech pieces can track activity, give mobile notifications and also come with an array of safety functions, like alerting a select number of contacts when an emergency ensues."

"A line of smart bracelets that ditch the sporty aesthetic and focus on something a little more sleek and glamorous."

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